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Finders Disclaimer Policy

Finders.Ng shall not be liable for act of dishonesty or misconduct exhibited by any of our subscribers. As expected, we do not know them personally and individually. They are the usual online subscribers.


Finders.Ng is an online platform that is genuinely and creatively designed to promote all businesses in Nigeria through advertisement and public awareness.


Nevertheless, the administrator of the portal shall not hesitate to blacklist or delete from our database any subscriber that is reported and found to have truly committed act of dishonesty or misconduct in his relationship with members of the public.


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Finders.ng enhances business patronage and promotes sales. It provides unsolicited advertisements for businesses listed on the portal. It can be so exciting when the people you don’t know offer you jobs effortlessly.

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Finders.ng is an online portal that provides information on service providers and the products that are available for sale in the markets. Although most of these service providers abound everywhere, often time, it is not so easy reaching them particularly those who are not within your immediate environment.